Reading One to One

Hmm problem! How does someone who can hardly return their own e-mails go about setting up a business website? Easy solution! Get someone else to do it for you!

When I discovered Identity, I talked to Carolyn at length about what I wanted and what I didn’t want, and then I went back to the much more absorbing subject of performing the odd miracle in the world of reading skill development. Stick to what you are good at, I say!

Fortunately, Identity were very good at what they did and in no time at all I had the basis of a website which I love and which clients comment on favourably all the time. It lays out who I am, what I do and I just love that cat…. I also feel that Identity captured just the right image for my particular business. Carolyn continues to respond rapidly to all my many questions, even the ones headed “Groan” and “Technical Type Question” with calm and professionalism.

I still don’t know what a “jpeg” is but I know a woman who does.!!

Visit the site: www.readingonetoone.co.uk

Ice Cool Industries

Working with Identity was efficient, painless and satisfying. We approached them with a view to establishing a company site and a brand identity for a new product range. We feel more than satisfied on both counts. We had clear ideas of our own in some respects and a blank canvas in other areas. Identity found a way to incorporate our own ideas whilst coming up with plenty of others to compliment the site. Having had no experience in setting up sites we had lots of questions and excelled in making a nuisance of ourselves. However every change was made promptly, questions were always answered in a timely fashion and in terms suitable for laymen like ourselves. We look forward to taking our Identity provided brand to dazzling new heights.

Visit the site: www.icecoolindustries.com

The Arches

I chose Identity to redesign and develop the Arches website because they were a young company with fresh ideas, loads of common sense and extremely competitive rates. We wanted our site to be user friendly, easy to update and make the most of the great images we have of events - Identity came up trumps with all three, and have followed that up with continuing technical support. The Modex CMS system they put in place for us is so easy for anyone to update - no matter how computer illiterate, which means the site gets updated on a daily basis by several members of staff.

Visit the site: www.thearches.co.uk

What's in That Bag

A thousand thanks must go to Identity for your patience and sense of humour in dealing with a complete technophobe!! E-mail “thing” and merchant account “thing” was common conversation between me and Identity!

My site was built with great enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity, the advice I have received from Carolyn at Identity has been invaluable and all delivered in a very friendly and informal manner. Absolutely thrilled with the finished product, both the site and logo is exactly what I want even though I had no idea what this was in the early days. Identity soon captured exactly the look and feel I wanted. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a company to deliver quality work.

Visit the site: www.whatsinthatbag.com


I have nothing but praise for Identity. They understood immediately what I was looking for on my website and we worked together to achieve a website that I am immensely proud of.

Carolyn was always available to answer many of my questions (sometimes more than once) no matter how silly. Any changes were made quickly making the whole process incredibly pain free.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Identity and look forward to a continuing relationship with them.

Visit the site: www.bagnificent.co.uk

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